2019 Career Achievement Award - Tammie Knick

It is with great respect and honor that we recognize Tammie Knick as MSSWA’s 2019 Career Achievement Award recipient. Tammie is currently a Region Representative for Minnesota School Social Work Association and has been a part of MSSWA for the past 20 years; including serving as President from 2011-2013.  Tammie has always been a strong voice for MSSWA and is always one to think outside the box to get things in place for youth to be successful. She does not shy away from hard work and is charged with doing “whatever it takes” to connect with kids, families and colleagues so all can be successful.

A School Social Worker for over twenty years realized a passion by opening the DREAM Academy, a project-based school in Wilmar, Minnesota in 2014.  DREAM Academy has given many students an ability to pursue their education with hands on project-based experiences where student’s passion drive their learning. Commitment and compassion are two words that paint a picture of what Tammie means to DREAM Academy and those that come through the doors each day. Tammie is committed to supporting students even before they are committed to helping themselves and long after they seem to have given-up on themselves. She works tirelessly to dissipate the stigma around mental health issues and educate staff and students to take charge of their own mental well-being. She is the calm in the midst of crisis and has a listening ear for all who need.

Tammie and her husband Doug also opened the Delta Equine Center in 2014 to help support individuals and families integrating horses through Equine Assisted Therapy to start the healing process in client’s life journey.   They have spent countless hours building this amazing practice for people to participate in changing their lives and have the impact of this beautiful animal healing some difficult paths that people have had to journey.

Tammie’s passion does not waiver, it shows every time she talks about DREAM Academy and the Delta Equine Center.  MSSWA is honored Tammie is one of our own and pleased to provide this well-deserved award recognizing her career achievements.  Congratulations Tammie!

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